Anim Render Trouble

Blender insists on crashing every time i try to render an animation over 20 or so frames long…what could possibly cause this?? hardly anything causes blender to crash, and i’ve got acceleration turned all the way down on my video card. This blows my mind, but then again, lot’s of things do.
any ideas anyone?
thanks guys

oh, i’m using ATI Radeon 7500 with the latest drivers.

What OS are you on? What processor? How much RAM? How much virtual memory do you have your computer set up to use?


when you say crash do you mean stop? or not respond?

because if you mean stop, then it just means there is no more space in the directory you are rendering into. just change the directory into… c:/ drive for instance. (if you are using windows)

nah, man, it just totally crashes, complete with the “send error report?” and the whole bit.

512Mb Ram
64Mb VRam
Blender V.2.37
WIN XP[/list]

what version of blender? etc. if it is 2.40rc1 then please post the blend to the tracker, if it is 2.37a then please try 2.40rc1,

or if you post a link to the blend i can test it for ya,