Anim test - Hammer and nail

trying to get a handle on the principles of animation. here’s my take on the familiar ‘hammer and nail’ example.

haha… I’ve had couple ruined nails that way myself:)

It looks like the hammer slows down before it hits the nail, this give it kinda a weird “hesitant” feeling, but its kind of hard to tell because I can’t go frame by frame on youtube.
I really like the bouncing of the board, that looked really good to me.

Good job.


Bouncing ball animation tests:

another bouncing ball test. this time i’ve tried to make the ball look as though it is jumping of its own volition.

  • Hammer and nail was imho excellent. Keep up the good work.
  • The bouncing was a bit off. And too much squashing. It would move about half that much. You might not even see it squash if it was rubber. Bear this in mind.
  • The effect is definitely there. I can “feel” the strength of the ball.

keep it up!

It appears that the nail starts to bend before the hammer even has hit it. You might want to tweak the timing a bit.