Anim8or works good with Blender

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I thought I would give you all an idea on other software called ‘Anim8or’.
Like Blender, it is free, and is considerably easier to model with.
It was the first 3D software I really used, and it’s perfect for beginners. I downloaded it in February of this year and now I’m using it to model pretty intricate things, like space stations.
If you’re new to 3D, then it is perfect. After you learn the basics, you can understand Blender a lot easier. :slight_smile:

And a little off-topic: I love using Blender. I use it to create video game worlds and texturing too (because exporting it as an .X file keeps the texture info) and it works great. And best of all, it’s free. I want to thank whoever made it: It’s fantastic!

I also started learning 3D with Anim8or.
I agree that it’s the best program for introducing 3D modeling and animation.
And yes, you can model almost everything in Anim8or despite program’s filesize ;).

Hey Syziph…you’re on the An8 forums too, aren’t you?
So I’m guessing a lot of people upgrade from Anim8or to Blender. Cool.

Yes, the same.
I haven’t seen many An8 users here. (They should appear in this thread already)
Anyway Blender is very good program for expanding your CG skills, so go for it!

Hello. I am also a anim8or convertee to blender. I found that while the interface was pretty neat in itself(how you can add multiple copies of one object in scene mode easily), it should really stay as a modeller. I dont know, I guess I found that my animations were just lacking, well I dont know what, but they were. I had blender for about a year before I actually started using it(around when 2.43 came out). I didnt go to any tutorials, I just sat down, and figured it out. As long as you keep an open mind, its pretty simple to get into. The thing about anim8or is that it didnt offer much render choices. My renders in anim8or were way to crisp and clean. The only time I ever go to anim8or is when I find a model in the anim8or format(.an8), and I want to use it in blender. And even then, there is really only 2 different models I have done that with( a low polygon male and female model made in anim8or). Also, I am still registered on, as BruceM, or before as GMBruceM. Also, I know howizter(sp?) used to be on the forums, posted some pretty decent stuff he made with blender, which I guess sorta converted me also.

As a open source fanatic :slight_smile: I’d like to point out that Anim8or is not free like blender but there are plenty of easy modelers that are like Wings 3D, gSculpt and they are also cross platform making them a better option for everyone (and by no means is blender to complicated for new 3D users to start out with).

Actually, it is free. If you don’t believe me, go here:

or here:

Note at the beginning of that article it says “Anim8or is a FREEWARE…”

Sorry, if I sound rude…didn’t mean to come on that strong.

Yes, it is free. However, I beleive N3ON was referring to free as in open source. If you know programming, and understand it, you are litterally free to do whatever, since u could download the source for blender, and modify it, and really have the freedom to do what you can imagine. In that sense blender is not free. But in terms of money, anim8or is free.

Indeed. Although being open source doesn’t mean that it’s free. :wink:

Freeware is not “free software” it’s a matter of liberty, not price.

Whom can we ask to upgrade the English language that confounds free/freedom and free/no-fee? What? English isn’t Open Source? Darn!



All right. Sorry if I sounded rude\mean in my previous post. I didn’t know that freeware and free can mean totally different things in software land.

I too used anim8or but now that I am fimilliar with blender I prefer it as a modeler but yes anim8or was good for me to start with