Anyone used Anim8or?

It any good?

I’ll take this as a “no?”

I looked at it briefly,…didn’t actually try it. Some things about it I didn’t like, such as, the modelling system did not look intuitive, but, it did have one cool feature that caught my eye: DOF. ( focal blur )

I used it breifly, after being frausterated with Blender and its learning curve, modeled a few things and decided that its modeling tools were not right for me.

Those who DO use it over at the Anim8or forums defend it mercilessly just as Blenderheads do here. I guess its not THAT bad, especialy considering that its not opensource and being developed by 1 guy.

I do not see any advantages that it has over Blender at all, however. The animation system strikes me as particularly poor and confusing and as was mentioned, the modeling system (and entire workflow for that matter) is entirely mouse based; not terribly intuitive in my eyes.

I suppose its healthy to try out other 3D packages but I dont like this one much at all.