Anima(L) - Game Engine movie editor to Renderer

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Anima(L) is very much a WiP thing. The concept is to be able to record object manipulations in real time via the game engine then export that manipulation data to fCurves/ Ipos for use in the Render engine. It’s a camera setup which can be Link Copied to any user scene which should ideally contain low poly models of an otherwise complex scene. Then recorded/edited and after creating the fCurve data, swap back in the complex models for rendering in the Render Engine.

Here’s a couple of pics of the HuD system. (Its just a basic video editor atm really.)

Atm, it comes with a couple of test vehicle scenes and a dynamic balls scene.
A dual stick controller is a must really, I use a wired xbox one cos it’s the only thing I have (stolen from my son.) as it’s the only way to control the vehicles and camera atm. I’m trying to come up with ways to implement other control methods which feel intuitive / easy to customise.
The HuD buttons are controlled with the mouse.

That’s all really. There are a plethora of things to do / change and I’m not too sure as to the need / use / practical application for this thing but I’m enjoying tinkering with it at the moment. I’m trying to come up with an intuative way of presenting movement sensitivities to the user. It’s tricky co’s there could be a lot of options. ??

So here’s the file. I need to work on creating a tutorial or two of types. I’ll edit/update this post as things progress. Hopefully all this works. There is a vague getting started intro text bit on the file. Good Luck.

Anima(L).blend (1.77 MB)

nb. If it doesn’t move and you want it to, check the record and dynamics spinners are checked. If it still don’t move, it’s broke. Sorry, I told you it’s WiP.
The record to ipos function is limited to 500 frames atm. Don’t ask me why. I’m away over the festive period but hopefully will have some more ideas/input of the next few weeks.