anima V - animated shortfilm

Hello everyone,

this semester me and a friend of mine made an animated shortfilm using Blender, After Effects and Photoshop. Thanks for the help with the particle system in the wip-thread!

Here is the finished film:

Please watch full screen with sound.
And leave a comment if you like :slight_smile:

sunny saturday,


8 mins. of animation! huge job. Well done!
There are always things to improve, but a nice milestone is to have the job done! :smiley:

I like it…

I liked it also a lot. :slight_smile: It was actually so nice, that I think i don’t need to speak so much about the technical side because I believe you were aware all of the problems and you have some reasons for them, so. The idea and feelings. :slight_smile: The nature started to fight back. I am pretty sure that it was on some other planet, or I had only a feeling of that. The people and the nature had lost all of their connection and everything they had, has only a hate against each… Somehow I could not be really happy about the end. Even I knew that maybe it was better, cause people had nothing good to do for nature, but also that kind of nature had nothing good for those people… Yeah. Uh. I hope you got all, i am not native with my English and i find it very hard to speak some complicated things…

thanks for the reactions! I’m not a native speaker, too, but I think I got your point. Maybe the ending is a bit unsatisfying, but we wanted to remind people of the huge powers behind nature, so in times of eco-campains, greenwashing and things like that we tried to find another view on these topics. But don’t get me wrong: it is great to care about the environment, about our livelihood, but it’s not necessary to talk about nature like you would talk about a weak, wounded little bird…
It’s that random and chaotic strength, that caught our interest and led to this film.

The topic given by our professor was ‘Wertvorstellung’, so roughly it’s about ‘Values’. Just as additional info.

I lik it from a technical pint of view, but also from the creative story-telling point of view.

Amazing! 5 stars from me.

There are some technical problems like some animations which could be improved… or the buildings which should be hollow… But these are minor details. The rest is really good: camera, story-telling, music, and especially the materials. I loved the style.

Congratulations to your team for the tremendous work you made.