Animal Creature / Update #3 Wings / Model Complete

i started a model it was just going to be a large eye with four legs. but i liked the shape of the body, so i decided to add a long tail and neck. and then i the face left over from a never completed fish guy, so i added that. and had some ears from another project that i added on. and here is what i got so far.
i definatly want to go back and add some more muscel defination, and lots more detail. i was also thinking about wings, and or making him stand on two hind legs like a dinosaur with two small hands and arms.
this one is just for fun.

He looks like one of those comical angry cartoon characters. Great style!



Man, you are becoming a modelling machine! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work again.


Nice, i’ve seen your other unfinished works and i’m wondering if this one is one you’re actually going to finish.

Good stuff :slight_smile: I’m thinking little bat wings would go well with him hehe.

you know, if you gave him 5 claws per paw instead of 3, he’d almost look like a mad cartoon cat. Try rendering with cartoon shaders/spec, just for the fun of it

A toon shader should work great for him/her :smiley:

hey guys thanks for the replys :stuck_out_tongue:

block01cube- thanks, i was going for a more real look, but the cartoon face really makes it look like that, which is cool with me

BgDM- thats funny, i somtimes think when i use blender i could honestly do this all day long for a very long time, then other times not, if i could uv unwrap like you i would be set

Kansas_15- thanks for the post, proably not, i’m like one in twenty for finishing work. just trying to learn as much as i can, and get comfortable not really finish, sounds strange i guess.

=KH=Lupus- you got it dude i totally agree, next update he will have some little bat wings.

Goeland86- yes it is looking very cat like, and i added another toe, i’m too lazy to do five, i will look for toon shader is it on version 2.25? i will look

mr_bomb- thanks for the post, i will look and see if i have it on my version of blender and try to post one

thanks for all the great replys. i added a toe to each foot, and added some scales to add to his side profile, and to get away from the cat look. my next update i will try to add more scales to the head and tail, and do some work to the face and mucsels on the legs. thanks for looking.

LOL! Now that’s funny. LSCM has made my life worth living now. Before, UV unwrapping was an absolute pain in the ass.

You just need to be patient and play with seam placement and you will get it in no time. Beleive me, my witch took me 3 hours to get to where she is and it could still be improved.


Great cartoony model.
My emotional response keeps varying between “scary” and “cute”!

Aah! Ambivalence is the stuff of life …


it looks like scary until u see the expression, lol :smiley:

BgDM- thanks for the advice, i’m getting better with the uv unwrapping, but it feels like remaking the model all over again when you have to unwrap then join the sections, this has been my greatest pitfall

Samir- thanks for the nice post, at first i was trying to fight the cute cartoon look, but now i’m just going to try and keep it as is, this has been the most fun to model beast or creature in a very long time, i think it is due to keeping it more cartoonish and more fun then scarry or realistic.

Dsaber- yes the whole thing is coming out pretty goofy, he’s just a little weird bat, dog, cat, dragon, thing?

thanks for all the replys, and thanks for looking.
got a few textures comign up for the scales, ears, feet and legs for the next post. :smiley:

Thinks back to the Simpson’s episode where Burns says “Fly my pretties” (or something like that) and a load of winged monkey’s jump out the window and thuds are heard as they hit the ground

Coming along well, I don’t know whether I’d try to feed that thing or run away.