Animal Crossing - Blender Project [Animal Town]

Hey I’m going to maka a newer Animal Crossing Blender Project. Day and Night Cycles are already included.
advanced inventory- and collectsystem is in development.
FIRST TEST STATE AVAILABLE: Link initially locked
Arrowkeys: move char
i: inventory
g: look up
spacebar: interact (neighbours, doors…)
You can also help, just write to me.
Here are some snaps:


  • added Seasons
  • added time (hours, days, months…)
  • bugfixes
  • added 7 days of a week (monday, tuesday…)
  • added inventory system
  • added more villagers
  • added day/night (with moon & sun :P)
  • added snooow
  • added insects (butterflies…)
  • added “look into sky” mode
  • added flowers (for a better feeling. Oh and don’t step on them to much… ;P)
  • added better trees
  • added fruits (for now just an apple)
  • added blinking (for a better feeling, ambient)
  • added a little interaction system…
  • added weather (rain, snow, etc.)
  • added stones… I love stones btw.
  • added UMBRELLAS for r4in…
  • added better ambient light.
  • added …

Looks nice! Ambience fits great!

Good luck amigo. But I’ve gotta ask - is that eyes or a mustache?
It’s probably eyes. I tend to see things in terms of facial hair.

Lol, I see it too. Maybe the OP should consider changing that

Lol I thought they were eyes :smiley:

Eye see what you did thar.