Animal Modeling Tutorials?

Wasnt sure where to post this, could it be moved if its in the wrong place please?

I would love to create my own 3D game where you control an animal character. Learning to model an animal would probably be a good start i think.

I cant find tutorials anywhere on how to create an animal. What im wanting to create are owls and birds, felines, canines, dragons. If anyone could possibly lead me to a video tutorial id be most grateful. I use version 2.59 and i have created simple objects before like beds, balloons, fences etc.
If an animal is too advanced what would be an easier start?

I apologize if im doing anything wrong.

Thank you.

There is a whole series of tutorials showing how to model a dragon at blendercookie. If it’s for a game you don’t what the high polygons as in the tutorials but just use the modelling principles

Could you give me a link to the dragon modeling tutorial, please? It might be high poly but i might learn something about modeling.

Google blendercookie dragon

Thank you.

There is also a Hippo tutorial on their front page, the first two parts seem to be free, but you need to be a citizen to access the rest of the tutorial. Again this would be too high poly for a game most likely, but may help.