Animal modeling


I’ve been wanting to make an animal in blender for some time now, ever since I started using it.

I’ve been making some attempts on mice, I can’t seem to get it right though

Where would you guys normally start on an animal like a mouse?


first you will need some referance image ,
from different angles
if you have a mouse and a good camera ,this is the best thing :slight_smile:

try creating the basic shape with low details
then add some lope cut (CTRL + R) to add more details in the places you want

take a look at this

and this
(you can make the same without using so may tris polygon )

best luck

Thanks, it helped a lot :slight_smile:

If I cut the hair particles from the tail of the mouse, after I put the fur on the whole mouse, should they still be showing there?

I have 3 lines of them on there, can’t seem to get rid of them, and I don’t want to recomb the hair, is there somethin I am forgetting to do? :slight_smile: