Animal modelling

Hey everyone,
I have begun modelling the body of a lion. I want to make it as realistic as possible.

I am having trouble modelling the head. Can anyone tell me some tips?
Here is a picture of what im up to.
Note: I will add finishing touches and smoth it out later.


Are you working with a visual reference or sketches in the veiw ports so you can get the geometry scaled correctly?

If not you may have some trouble getting it to look realistic. However, the way you have modeled the body will basically be the same as modeling the head. Add polygons and move the points around until the geometry looks correct.

Here are some videos (constructing a humanoid characters head) that can get you up to speed. Though the software is different, the principles apply just as equally and just as easy to Blender.

Here is the link:

Take your time, what you have done so far is quite good. Just the tail looks a little flat.

Can’t wait for you to finish!

Start learning about edge loops and topology, use muscle chart references of lions to help you figure out exactly how the body flows. There’s quite a few good tutorials on facial modeling, in which the techniques can be applied pretty fairly to anything with a face. Patience and practice will be your greatest tools in the long run. As well as learning from mistakes.

Much like in drawing, worry about blocking out the form in low poly’s first. Then, start working your way into detail. Having a basis to work on that looks fairly anatomically correct is always a great help.

ok thanks guys

if i remember, in the Torqs head modeling thread somebody used it to model a cheetahs head, and they used realy good referance images, might wanan check that out