Animal models

I’m new in this site and blender but i have used Maya and 3Ds max before.
I haved try all day to make completely the same animals like this below but with no luck.
This type of animals are the one thing i can’t model. Give me spiders, bats and i’ll model but this nope. So i kinda need help with them.

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I’m not sure what your post is, a question or a statement? Are you asking for help, guidance models or are you just talking through some frustration?

I need help.

Hi Darthsauron, I’m new myself, but I’ve recently found that box modeling is better (for me) when dealing with complex models. I would recommend trying that. And if you can find model sheets for these, that would be tremendous.

Blender Cookie has a nice tut on creature modeling that may help.

Good luck.

Sure, but still need to understand your goals. Low poly for game, photo realistic, stylized cartoon?

You could box model it, go poly by poly or sculpt it.

Photo realistic by sculpting for example, here’s a starting point

Yes, it’s a werewolf, but work through all the tutorials the same will apply to a wolf.

Stylized cartoon for example, you could work through

Yes, it’s a dragon, but what is learned can be applied to a wolf.

If you want to try to box model it, you could work through

Hopefully one of those helps you.

I need help with low poly models. I’ll try now box model i hope i can do it.