Animal Question

I am going to build a medium poly wolf using the reference image below. I don’t want it low poly and I am not a good enough artist for realistic high poly.

My question, when making say a chess piece, I would use a bezier curve and model only half of it and then use Spin and rotate 360 to make it. However I don’t believe that will work in this case.

If I used a UV sphere and just pulled vertices around, it would take forever and probably wouldn’t look that good. I need to make a mouth and ears on it. So I am at a lost for how to get the shape. If I only use the bezier curve, it will be flat.

As for the hair, I am assuming the particle system is best for that and assuming I should do this in cycles?

Any suggestions or best way to tackle this? Thanks

My Reference Photo

What I am going after

Sculpting would be the way to go, retopologizing is a bit time consuming however.

Any good Sculpting videos similar to modeling something like that? I understand what sculpting does, but haven’t done anything with it. I am assuming a UV sphere would be best at a high poly count?

you can use mirror
then add like a circle and remove 1/2 of it cause of mirror
add subsurf and add verts extrude scale ect

that is the basic workflow

should be easy to do with good reference pic

happy bl

If starting from scratch without any blueprints and just references, then a poly sphere. With reference images for the side, front and top, you can box model the basic shape and then use dynamic topology for sculpting in the details before moving on to retopology.

Basic box modelling will do if you want something low poly like the second image you posted. You can start with a basic circle like RickyBlender suggested, start with something low like 8 or 16 vertices to model the basic shape of the body and then rework the topology around the areas where you will be attaching the legs, head and tail.

I can’t really recommend any sculpting videos since i rarely sculpt myself.