Animal Rescue Gone Wrong - Scary Animated Stories #9

Aiming for more saturated colors in this episode. I think I will be sticking more with the raytracing sunlights though since the buffer lights required so much tinkering and adjusting during production. Let me know your thoughts on the new visual look.


cool light mood throughout the whole movie. Also your camera angles work fine but the cuts are painstakingly long. The story could be told in half the time for better effect. These 2D looking 3D character don’t transfer the emotions needed to support the story. Have you ever considered using 3D Character just as pose reference while using grease pencil for real 2D characters? Maybe you should pair up with a real Animator. That said, i have the utmost respect for what you doing. May i ask how long it took you to finish this episode?

Thanks for the feedback.

The audience retention on this video is actually pretty good so I don’t agree that it’s too long and it’s only 3:18 as it is. Half of that would be far too short, especially since the youtube platform prefers longer videos and longer watch times.

I totally agree that I need to incorporate more emotion and expressions for the characters. This is certainly on my todo list.

Pair up with a “real” Animator? Sorry, but I am somewhat offended by that statement. I understand I still have a lot to learn just like the rest of us but nevertheless, I do consider myself a real animator.

I thought about using the grease pencil but I’m not sure if it the most practical solution. It just seems it would take considerably longer than the way I am doing things now and my audience are kind of used to seeing new episodes every 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure the grease pencil would have a severe impact on my upload schedule.

This video took around 5 days to produce since I am trying to develop a workflow that allows me to publish weekly :wink:

I am also a software engineer so I will be implementing some scripts eventually to help streamline a few things here in and there.