Animal Texture

Hey guys,
after working for almost a week to get my wolf model completely anatomic correct I wanted to start texturing it… BUT, I made the TGA file from my UV-Map and opened it in Photoshop, now my question is, do I just paint my wolf skin on it or do you guys know some decent way to get a realistic fur for a wolf in Multitexture materials (it’s meant for my game). I know how to add textures to a model once i got them baked all correctly, so my problem is pretty ‘simple’ probably, I just need to know how I can make my textures and bake them on one JPG file.
An example of what I’m trying to make is the following:

But yeah, I got no clue how to start painting it…


I would suggest making a duplicate model, with hair ( particle system ) , then, take a render of that from multiple views, and then use ‘projection painting’ to paint those views onto your model using multiple UV channels. ( refer to ‘projection painting’ from 2.49 release notes )