.: ANIMAL :.

(wiensta) #1

made a new film.


(haunt_house) #2

Your animation skills are really not bad. The eyes are good.

But could you change the end?



(Turrin) #3

I like it! Good work


(ChooDaddy) #4

very cool… nice example of “IMAGINATION” being the most important skill to have in computer art and animation…

Leave the ending… :wink:

(haunt_house) #5

I dont´mean “don´t let it fall”

just don´t let it die (or appear to die) “You have no chance” stories are boring. I get those every day in real life. :frowning:

And I would change some of the extreme deformations into lighter deformations. This bouncing against the glass and The dead pose don´t harmonize with the pretty good rest.

Hey ChooDaddy

Don´t encourage him into being a killer, will you :o
What has this poor little creature done to you, huh?
Freedom for the little black spots!

(ChooDaddy) #6

“That Black Spot killed my Brother” :frowning:
Death to all the Black Spots" :x

Just kidding. I just don’t think that he should compromise his VISION because of the audiences interpretations. Besides, it might just be SLEEPING. All squishy-like.


(haunt_house) #7

say it load* they´re black and proud

Don´t discriminate li´l black spots!

After falling from that height, I would sleep, too!!! :x

black is beautyful, hah!

*er…I mean loud, of course

(jorx) #8

Cool animation. But isn’t that Flash? Not Blender?
Anyway I thought it was quite good.

(Yamyam) #9

nice work.
but david…you are tired… :frowning:

(haunt_house) #10

aaaah sugoi sugoi sugoi… yamyamsama wa nihonjin desu ne.
Watashi wa nihongo no benkyou o shimasu. Shikashi, watashi no nihongo wa heta desu.

The girl in the blue kimono is nicely modelled. Where did you get the routines for this java applet? Did you program it yourself? I´d really like to know the basics of this, because I want to do something similar with python.

dewa mata


freedom for the black spots

hey Jorx

It is really cool to vectorize shapes with flash, that are created in blender. Especially the shadeless material works fine. I´d really like to have something like Vecta 3D or swift 3D. And only 230 days til christmas :smiley:

(LohnS) #11


(slikdigit) #12

hey, wiensta, I have not yet been able to see this. I think it might be my computer :frowning: . is there a direct link to the movie? its the shockwave site that doesn’t work for me (unless the whole movie is shockwave)

(S68) #13

Me too couldn’t ss it :frowning:


(wiensta) #14

yes you need the flash 6 plugin and unfortunately it doesnt automatically download!

thanks for your comments.