Hi, we did this commercial for a local brand, it’s not done with Blender becouse only I use it were I work :(, I modelled almost the entire bedroom with Blender :slight_smile:

They make food for kids and they gave this cute sticky toys called animaliums with each bag


See ya

wow I reaally like it!:eek:
too bad its not done solely in blender…what others did you use?
it seems the beginning was inspired by mindfields a bit am I right ;)?

Yeah looks like mindfields you are right :stuck_out_tongue: but it was in the storyboard like that, it´s not our call.

We used lightwave for modelling (of course I used Blender) and this time maya was used for animation and mental ray for rendering.

You should see this animaliums, I´m holding one (vampire) right now in my hand, they are so funny :smiley: