AnimAll Add-on for Blender 2.8

In Blender 2.79 there was an add-on called “AnimAll” which allowed one to animate geometry within edit mode. With proportional editing this is very handy for deformations. However, this add-on seems to be absent from Blender 2.8. Is there any way to do this at all in the new version? Or do I have to go back to 2.79?

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AnimAll is a bundled addon with 2.80, but is currently still flagged as needing to be updated for 2.80. The author is listed as Daniel Salazar, zanqdo at, so you could always email and ask if he plans to update it for 2.80.


It doesn’t appear when I search in add-on’s in Preferences. Thanks, perhaps it’s best to contact him.

Hmmm, seems this thread answers my question. Sorry to dig up an old one…

Confirming - no AnimAll addon present with 2.80 daily beta.
got only this (17.1 KB)

I use AnimAll all the time (no pun, no pun…) so this is very important if I am to migrate to 2.8.

Isn’t there a way now to do the same thing with shape key groups??

Thanks for ANY info on this.

It’s there as I said, it just needs to get updated for 2.80.


it removed in 26th February 2019 update

Still no updated AnimAll included among the Blender 2.8 add-ons. :cry: I guess the developer won’t update it anymore. Maybe someone else would be interested to continue development?

I got it to show, but it needs more work. Simple test doing uv animation didnt seem to work.

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It does work actually but not always. Its acting weird! I never used this so im not sure if works correct.

Here’s my quick update to it. Ive not full updated the addon specs, so versioning and all other data is still old. (17.6 KB)

Not sure whats going on, the data in timeline seems to be changing when i jump back and forth in frames. Than it seems to loose the UV position. I did got it to work 1 time though.

It only seems to work now if i add mesh animation, than the UV do animate even if i dont do anything to the mesh.

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Thanks for reviving AnimAll. It’s a great add-on. Maybe @Meta-Androcto can help out with the issues?

hi, we already have an update here: and already in nightly builds experimental section. If you notice any issues or fixes you have, let us know in the task.


That one shows same issue as i highlighted. But thanks for the link, i added my findings with my version and also added an example file showing the issue it has.

Its kind of weird because it doesnt give any error or what ever. I think its perhaps how it loops over all properties and adds those which are checked.

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Hi, it would appear there is a bug (with the depsgraph?). I opened a bug report on your behalf :smile:

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Thats great! Hope this will get fixed and users will be happy.

Hello! Found this thread and now I am amazed that no one talked to me about this before! How is the add-on going for 2.8?

Still has issues and they lowered priority on the report today

I really hope they implement this add-on, I use it in many of my projects and without it I would have to go between Blender version 2.79 and 2.8x.

AnimAll is implemented in 2.81a