AnimAll Addon updated and Overview Video

This is an overview of the complete functionality inside the latest version of the AnimAll addon

Hope you like it and more people can benefit from this useful addon!

Thank you for the video, that explains a lot and shows me ways we can use this with our next episode :smiley:

should be in blender by default - hope you get it to trunk, on by default some day.
It adds so much more power to blender! It’s so much more advanced.

Great work!!!

i often wondered what this addon was, and never actually got round to looking into it, but this vid just shows how awesome it really is, i’ll no doubt be making proper use of it now :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, I so look forward to what people do with this. BTW this addon is in trunk, just not enabled by default. Also make sure to use a very recent Blender version to get all the new features and fixes (including a fix to the bug in the video)

kind regards

I actually remembered this addon randomly a few days ago when pondering about how to do some very specific stuff. This video proved to me that the addon is more than capable of doing what I want and so much more. This is crazy awesome! :smiley:

another hidden gem in blender then :smiley:

Tremendous add-on. I’d always assumed it applied to animating rigs. This seems an easy way to build facial expressions in character meshes.

You are a legend!!! No more hooks to distort UVs for me

Absolutly avesomeness! Hope you make some another avesomeness tutorials on it! Thanks.

What a great addon! I’m so happy you did the video, I had no idea how powerful it was.


I use AnimAll all the time, but only for Curves (where it’s a huge, huge help).

However, I never knew there was a way to animate things like Crease values, Vertex Colors, and even ShapeKeys. Thanks a ton for all your great work!

Nice! I can’t believe I missed this before. Really useful stuff.

Same here, and I had a project that with AnimAll would be much easier.

OMG. Time to start my string theory teleportation quantum entanglement SF series :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tool but it slows down Blender quite a lot in my hands (using “Points” essentially, iMac 10.7).
Anyone else with this problem ?

It’s probably faster to use the shapekey way if you can :slight_smile:

OMG, this will help me to save a lot of time!! Thank you :yes:

Very cool set of features!

Ive always used this addon, it should be standard!! What would realy be nice is if you could select vertices and copy those positions to an other keyframe. Or when you select certain vertex they only show in dopesheet and you can copy and paste those. Never the less this is probably the most under used addon in blender!!