animatable character

i’m trying to make a character, and eventually animate him…
here’s what i got so far…

Looking sweet. Would make a good fast talking, jumpy cars salesman…some more experience guys might have tips on the placement of your vertices to make it easier to animate. I’ve also heard that triangles are bad for animation, but thats all i know. good luck

Looking good with lots of character, just a couple of tips if i might be so bold.

As Crititrozoz siad watch your triangles they can really cause bad deformation when subsurfing especially when weight painted.

You might want to put a coupleof loops around and joint such as the top of the leg,knee,ankle,elbow,wrist and shoulder so that it deforms better when animating.

An extra loop or two around the waist would be good to.

Baiscally what you want is enough loops so that the mesh can bend and move without altering the shape too much.

Good start overall though looking forward to updates.


One modification

Hope ya like it

Some verticle modifications…:smiley:

Nose holes are extrude face and uped up!

do the BSOC tutorial on character animation one or two times, it helps a lot.