Animatable Mouths?

I’m still new to Blender (having dificulty learning it, and got sidetracked on learning Python. Still a babe in the woods with Python too.)

this montage of screenshots is of a female head that I mostly modeled in Anim8or before migrating to Blender. Some work on it has been done in Blender.
(I keep re-starting the work on it in blender because I get another idea or screw it up).
The reference pics and instructions came from a book;
“Modeling a Character In 3ds Max” by ‘Steed’.
(No I don’t have 3ds Max, wish I did - but then I would have to learn that too).

My Question; Is there any Tut’s that might help me compleate the lips/mouth/muzzle area? I’m finding that very difficult.
Thanks for any helpful coments and crits,


Take a look at Corners of the mouth. Might help.


have a look at,
there are lots of head and face modelling tuts.

If you are going for a animation friendly face mesh, you should definitely read this one:

hope this helps,

…ah, and of course this one:
the famous adrianna video tut…

AndyD is currently the best with lip synch on the forums- he wrote a great tutorial in Noob to Pro that should help you.

Thanks folks!

You’ll probably hear from me about this particular project in a month or so.
(I’m realy slow at this). I’m going to study those tut’s, and any others anybody sugests here.

I realized that I had already studied some of TorQ’s tut that you directed me to. So I should add that the Ref’s included a melding of Torq’s and the previosly mentioned book. (I had forgotten where that part had come from).
Now I have ‘bookmarked’ all those pages.

Thanks again,