Animatable nodes

Okay, I’ve gotten no response in the last two places I posted about this, so I’m going to try again here. I’ve developed what I consider to be a moderatly clever way of animating material nodes. My previous example was lame, and this one isn’t much better, but it shows you how this works. Now - can someone else come up with something cool using this?

I came up with this in response to a thread on the blender dev forum. The question was - how to animate node based materials? My idea was to use the outputs of material nodes (whose materials are keyframeable) as inputs for animating. Use color for color/normal inputs, and alpha for ‘value’ inputs.

Here is a tiny video and a blend demonstrating the use of alpha to control other nodes. The only problems I’ve had were how to control normals (which is hard to do with static nodes), and knowing which settings are per-material and which apply to the entire node tree…

Now bring on the special effects :rolleyes:

You know, that’s pretty impressive. I haven’t even got the hang of creating materials with nodes yet! I must have a close look at this blend.

You know what you could do with that? You could animate an egg being fried :D:D:D Maybe I’ll give that a go sometime.

Brilliant stuff, kitsu.

Wow. You’re a kind of twisted genius. I haven’t given much thought of how to use this because 1) I haven’t gotten very advanced with nodes and 2) I was told nodes aren’t animateable yet, so why bother torturing myself?

No I’ll have to put some thought to it. Well done!

These are Material nodes.

There are also Composite nodes which (so far) are not animatible.


Thanks guys, good to here this wasn’t as brillantly obvious as I had feared :slight_smile:

Mike_S: Remember the Time Node! Pluging time into the ‘Fac’ value of mixer or ramp nodes should give you a lot of control over composite node animation. I’ll try to make a demo for that next…

Edit: Yay +1 to lame demos!
Animated composite node video…
Animated composite node blend…
This could actually be pretty cool for doing re-lighting on existing images/videos!

Thank you greatly! poff (off to experiment with animating nodes)

added time node examples, and other examples using time node to alphaover, translate, etc. njoy! c&c welcome on the talk page.

Just in case s/b know what Roger is talking about (you gotta tell 'em that sometimes :wink: )

Manual/Compositing Nodes Input: Time node
Manual/Compositing Nodes Convertors: Set Alpha Node
Manual/Compositing Nodes Convertors: Translate Node