Animatable telephone cord or spring


After reading GreyBeard’s tutorial on modeling a telephone cord, I wanted to do it with Blender’s newer tools, hopefully simpler, as well as animatable.

Although using a slight cheat (I wonder if someone will pick it up), I was able to achieve the results in the images below. The animated version is available here.

I’ll try to make time to write a short tutorial explaining how it was done.

Looks nice, but the clip is private in Vimeo. It happens sometimes for new uploaded videos in Vimeo, don’t know why though.

Thanks hhoffren. I changed it: it should be downloadable now.

I couldn’t say if there was some cheat, looks good. It is always nice to see different methods used, so subscribed already in this thread and in Vimeo. :slight_smile:

Very nice effect. Does it use softbody? Or is it another trick?