animate a flower that open

i have a question
how to do ta make a flower close to open with duplivert
thanks :slight_smile:

why duplivert?? oopening/closing would rather involve relative vertex keys or armatures. please explain what you mean.


If you animate the dupliverted object with RVK, all the copies will animate at once.


thankx teeth i think your proposition is good :smiley:

true - but all at the same time. an option for a random animation/speed offset for dupliverted, animated objects would be nice here :)… hey this would really be great… <hopping over to>

solmax im agree with you :slight_smile:

Then make the dupliverts real (it creates instanced copies) and add a Time Offset to each.


sure - but practically this only works for a couple of instances. i’m talking abt dozens or hundrets of objects - where manual tweaking is not an option. sure you’ll agree on that.


Yup. Doing a python script would be more adapted to those case. As long as you objects are all named the same (Tree.001, Tree.002, …), it’s fairly easy to add random size/rotation/time offset variations.

Would be a good script to bundle with the program.


Theeth is there a way to access particle locations from Python?

AFAIK, no.


If you need to have the effect of hundreds of flowers opening, perhaps you could animate a half-dozen variations and then start building up the effect with compositing. Certainly I know that you could accomplish the effect by “really modeling” it, but it seems a shame to spend days or weeks of effort on an SFX that might only occupy a few seconds of screen time.

Heck, maybe practical photography. What if you went out and photographed a real field of flowers, or looked for a usable bit of stock footage?