Animate a small scene in a lab


I need someone who can animate a few people … no rendering. I just need the meshes.

I want to animate a laboratory with a few people in it. I want to import the meshes into a scientific software. I know how to export the meshes for each frame so I just need someone for the animation itself. We can use some prebuild free rigs… I don’t need high end quality.

There is no hard deadline and the budget depend on your expectations.

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are the meshes provided from you?also what type of animation do you have in mind?do you have an exaple or a reference?

do you have an example or a reference and at least approximately the time and amount?

I want to make something like this:
I can provide the lab and I think there are prebuilt rigs of people… they dont need any details.
I want a bit more peaople and they should do some simple things like walk a few steps etc.

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Hi all,

thanks for the replies. I have found someone for the job. (Also thanks @ Blenderartists)

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