Animate a spaceship..

Hi to everyone…
i am a newbie to blender and also for 3d
I am a filmmaker and Compositor

now for my short film i try to make a spaceship model…
i completed the model but i cant able to animate it…
while i did a manual animation after grouping all meshes or object the animation goes wrong…
some of the meshes or not combined with the actual position of spaceship while its animated…
This is my first model i made

My Question is

  1. how to animate the objects after grouping?
  2. Does any other method to do flying animation like path animation ?
    please help me

Look into dupligroups. After you group all your spaceship mesh objects, create an Empty, enable dupligroup and type in the name of the group. Then you can animate the empty and the whole spaceship will move as a single object.

You can always keyframe the ship. After all, if you just put it on a path it will look like a motion element rather than a spaceship.

You can leverage a path, however by parenting the dupligroup object (single vertex mesh) to an empty then put the empty on the path. Then the empty controls the path animation. The dupligroup object (not empty) can be set to softbody with goal and forces can act upon it. Giving it that drift a bit off the path look as it travels along the path.

thank you very much… i am on the process

wow… its working well… Thank you very much… and i am very happy
after dupligroup to an empty and then follow path… its working well…
but i did not have an idea about softbody… in softbody panel, goal button is there… but how to active forces? and how much point should i gave under softbody…?
please guide me
thank you


I spent a little time trying to use wind and softbody and cloth with vertex parenting and it all does not work the way I would like. So I came up with another approach.

It uses a particle system with the spaceship being the only single particle emitted. It also uses harmonic fields to cause the spaceship particle to jump from one path to the next.

I got the idea from my Cherry 7up blend file which you can find here:

Here is the breakdown of the attached scene.
The shipLauncher is the particle system that emits the spaceship. The group is called “myShip” but you can substitute any group you like.

So when play begins. The shipLauncher shoots out a single particle. This particle is attracted to “target-1”. Now target-1 may look like an empty, but it is really a single vertex mesh with a harmonic field applied to it to attract the particle. It also has a pre-configured particle system setup to work with the harmonic field. The Start and End values of the taget-1 particle system are when the particle will finally reach the position of target-1 (so feel free to play with those values). Now target-1 is also traveling along a path, so once time passes the End value for the target-1 particle system (not the launcher) it is the harmonic field that holds the particle to target-1 as it continues along the path. That is, until the Start/End range of the target-2 particle system come into effect (yes it is also a single vertex mesh with its own particle system). Once time reaches the Start value of target-2 the harmonic field of target-1 releases and the harmonic field of target-2 takes over. Because target-2 is traveling along its own path the distance between the two paths will affect the transfer speed.

Over all, if you move the shipLauncher, path-1 and path-2 around you can achieve different affects without keyframing anything.


ras_ship_on_path_harmonic_1a.blend (471 KB)

than you so much… its work perfectly…after finishing my short film, i will post it