Animate an object growing?

Hello everyone, I am really at a loss here trying to look up every possible tutorial that i can find but to no avail. I am looking to animate individual objects “floating” around and then assembling one at a time into a simple structure i.e. a spiral. Is there anyone out there who has done something similar or willing to point me in the right direction? I will be tremendously grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this google will get you started: blender 2.8 keyframe animation.

Hi, thank you so much! I initially tried doing it that way but it seems rather tedious and i was wondering if there was a faster way into doing this.

Sounds like your looking for some kind of simulation ?
Im new to blender, so take this wilh a grain of salt… but…
Maybe some kind of cloth or partical simulation ? Heres an example of using the cloth simulation with something other then a cloth Stairs. Right now im using it to make the “skin” of a blimp rip apart for the Weekend Challenge. Im sure if someone played with the gravity setting or did the same with a Partical simulation you could do something. Also another thought, play your animation backwards. Rig up the simulation so it starts with your spiral together, simulate so it floats around and then play your time line backwards to get the effect you want.

So some ideas and food for thought since i dont have a direct answer.
Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the time and lead! Also, rigging the animation backwards is a genius idea. I’ll definitely try this out! Many many thanks again. Have a wonderful day.

Something a person made for weekend challange, looks similare to what your asking…

@deltaray might beable to offer some help.

Right, so first, think in reverse. I find it easier to start with the shape you want and then make that explode, then after rendering, you reverse the order of the frames to make the animation. I did that with this animation.

To make the balls form the letters, I “dropped” them into a form that was made by starting with the text CHAOS, hollowing it out and expanding the edges to act as a catcher. Then I applied visual transform and then made then started from frame 1 with the balls in their “final” position. From there I just put a box around the balls, increased the bounciness of everything and let them drop to the floor of the box and the physics engine did the rest.


Thank you so much for the information.