Animate an rotation under local view


Im having some trouble finding the way to animate a rotation under only one axis.
The object is not a sphere (is more like an egg) and I want an animation just like a football ball spinning.

The problem is that Blender seams not to understand the rotation made under local View, it rotates the object allways concerning the axis under Global view.

So, How do I animate the rotation under local coordinate system?


With an armature.

  • Select the Object
  • Shift-S->Cursor to Selection
  • Space->Add->Armature
  • Tab to leave the edit mode of the armature
  • Select the Armature, than with Shift-RMB the object
  • Ctrl-C->Rotation
  • Select the armature and change to pose mode
  • Select the object, than Shift-Select the armature bone
  • Strg-P->To Bone
  • Select only the bone
  • I->Rot
  • Change the frame
  • Rotate the bone
  • I->Rot

You’re done.



All that 4 a simple rotation?

I hope blender developers manage to correct that.

But hey, thanks a lot anyway!!

So, How do I animate the rotation under local coordinate system?

A Blender object sees a parents local coordinate system as its world coordinate system. So parent the object to an empty and the rotations will be relative to the empty’s axis which you can align anyway you wish.

Here is a video tutorial that explains all this (do a “save as” to save the file to your computer – 63Mb):


Hmm, no, you get some bonuses …

The first steps are for aligning the armature with your object, so you don’t have to bother about the orientation. After that you you parent the object to the bone (I personally prefer bones over emtpys :D).

It never appeared to me that it can be so easy … Thanks!

Why is it possible to rotate a bone e.g. with RZZ ? Is the armature itself the parent?