Animate between different textures on same plane

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I’m doing an animation using Blender’s Internal renderer. I need to be able to fade between different image textures on the same planes. For example, on the right-hand-side wall I need to smoothly transition from image_texture_1 to image_texture_2 at a specific time.

What’s the best way to fade between image textures?

Do I need to “fake” it by having two planes in almost exactly the same place (one with image_texture_1 applied and one with image_texture_2 applied) and animate their alpha values to fade between the different images?

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Hmmm… I’ve done a little tinkering and maybe I can setup each material with multiple image textures and then animate between the different textures. Is that the best way to do it?

You could simply create a “pre-faded” texture in the form of an image sequence or movie. That would be the simplest way.

Just cross fade your images in the Sequence Editor, then use the output from that as your animated image map.

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Thanks loads for the reply!

Please let me check that I understand your suggestion correctly…

Is your suggestion that I fade the images in the Video Sequence Editor inside Blender and then I pipe that video sequence into the plane’s texture? Do I use the Node Editor to connect the output from the Sequence Editor to the texture?

Sorry for all the questions - I’m quite new to Blender!

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