Animate Bezier curve handles?

So, i made a string from a bezier curve, and i intend to animate it; like make it vibrate and move and everything; but i haven’t been able to put some bones there. I intend to make the bones work likr the handles of a Bezier curve (everything except change its shape and scale) but i don’t know how. So, HEEELP PLEEEASE and thank you xD

  1. In edit mode select the handle of the curve you want to animate
  2. Press Ctrl-H, choose ‘Hook to new object’
  3. An empty will be placed at the location of the handle.
  4. Tab in object mode
  5. Select the empty. If you move the empty ,now the handle will follow, deforming the curve.
  6. You can keyframe the location of the empty. You can do the same thing for multiple bezier handles.

Thanks man!! :smiley:

Works on curves as well. Has more control for scaling as it animates alt s not just loc rot scale . and it is very easy.