Animate Blinds.

I am just curious if there would be a slicker way to animate blinds than assigning a bone to each blind; and then animate each bone separately. I can get the effects I want this way; but it is labor intensive.

I have tried location restraints, but it doesn’t give a natural look; because with real blinds the other don’t move until the bottom part meets them.

If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it.

Are you talking about venetian blinds? As for motion, do you mean lowering the blinds, or rotating the blinds to block out light?

I did a little test which works nicely. you start with your blinds compressed. Parent all the blinds to the bottom bar. Then add a limit distance constraint to your blinds targeted to the top bar. Give each piece a different distance value in equal increasing increments. Now you just have to move your bottom bar to unfurl your blinds.


blinds.blend (358 KB)