Animate Camera Along Path: best way to do it?

Hi Guys the question is a bit more articulated than it seems.
I have to create an animation of a camera following a very curvy path.
I used a bezier curve with few points to define the path then subdivided it to smooth the animation out (it was really stuttery). The subdivision altered my curve introducing lots of bumpiness into my path but I didn’t realised that at rendering time.

So my question is: how would you define a path like this

Top view:

Side view:

I also tried to use the graph editor to analyse the x, y, z progession of my camera but I cannot get this information from anywhere. Is there another way to control the smoothness of my animation or am I missing something?

Feel free to suggest anything that comes into your mind as I am not particularly constrained on how to do it as long as it looks good :slight_smile:

Your stuttery resoult may have nothing in common with the curve.
Everytime I tried to achive complex camera movement i had this ‘stuttery’ effect. Even when I didn’t used any curve object and made sure that f-curves for camera are as smooth as they can be.
I’ve realised it may be related to to the fact that when camera rotates just a liitle, the difference in the image is far more visible then when you move the camera in any direction without rotating it. Especially on the foreground. And maybe 24 or 25 fps is not enough to make it look smooth
I’m not sure if I’m right on that but I think in the movies you see mostly camera moving, and rotating is sublte.
I ended up rising fps from 25 to 50 on my project. There still was some stuttering when camera rotated in one place almost without moving, but it was far far less noticable

Personally, I’d parent the camera to a null, have the null follow the path, allowing the camera freedom of movement over the null action.
This may help as well, keyframing the evaluation time allows it to move about.