Animate camera around a water simulation in blender 2.8

I have just created a water fountain with a water simulation creating the water sprouting out. I would like to Animate the camera around the water fountain while it is flowing water from its sprout. I have tried key framing all the movements but they do not register, and I just end up with a stationary shot of the fountain sprouting water.
Can anyone help with how to set this up to work, or point me to a video on the technique.

Keyframing the camera should be straightforward. Can I see a blend file to check what is wrong?

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Here is the link here:

I cant get the key frames to render out together with the water sim.

Thanks. I checked it, but I don’t see any keyframing on the camera object’s transformations, or anything else which would cause it to be animated. The only keyframing I can find is on Cube.002, but it also does nothing, as the values are constant. What exactly did you do, trying to animate it?

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Thanks for letting me see my error. I forgot to select the camera object first before applying the keyframes and as you pointed out, i mistakenly applied keyframes to the cube object instead, which is why i got the impression that the camera animation wasnt working.