Animate Camera Clipping Plane? - SOLVED

Nevermind, I just have to animate the camera… :slight_smile:

Is this possible? I’m trying to render slices of a model and really don’t want to spend hours with the knife tool, but rather do as in 3ds Max, animate the Far and Near Clipping planes of the camera. Then I can apply some post effects, which I can’t do in 3ds Max.

If you have a look in the IPO window, for the Camera type of IPOs, you’ll find the Csta (clip start) and Cend (clip end) parameters to animate.
One simple way of keying your animation would be to set your parameters for a given frame and the insert a key using the Ikey shortcut when the mouse pointer sits over the Edit button window (F9).


All right! Didn’t figure that one out, thanks! Animating the camera works just as well though, and then I only have to worry about ONE ipo curve, not two.

In practice you would set Csta closest to the camera as you can and only animate Cend.
Dollying the camera is equivalent if it is of the orthographic type; for a prespective camera though it would modify the prespective too, which can be an advantage or not, depending on the effect you’re after.

Best of luck in your project.