Animate color ramps

Either I am to stupid to figure it out, it wount work at all, or I am using the wrong search terms on my way.

What I try to achive is to have a cloud texture with 2 colors from a ramp.
Now I want to animate the ramp.
Basically I want what was used in the good old demoscene days to animate a plasma, palette rotating.

Any hints?

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I hope this sample can help you a bit.

little trick. For animating the position or the color into the ramp you have to put the cursor over the pos box or the color picker and press the “i” key.

Thanks for your efford.
Not that much of a trick, its simply adding a key =)

However I should have mentioned blender 2.49b :wink:
All the good things in 2.5 aside - its still beta so nothing for a production environment.
In the back of my head I think to remember that it was one of the missing ramp functionalities?

you can’t in 2.49.
however, if you’re fine with brightness and contrast adjustments, you should be able to key those, either below the color ramp, or else with texture nodes (time node and math node)

I was afraid someone´s going to say that :smiley:

Doesn´t matter I´ll work around, thanks for the help

To animate a ramp in blender 2.49, I make the ramp, then animate the position of the texture in the “map input” panel. It’s not super easy to control, but it works.