Animate copy transform influence, keep position

I’m trying to make the camera follow an airplane, for a few frames and and then have the camera brake off and follow something else. Problem is, when I animate the influence, the camera snaps back to the original position. How can I make it so the camera keeps the current position?

edit: Also, I want to dolly the camera backwards, while it’s locked to the plane. However, when I add a keyframe, the camera snaps to a different location.

you can try

select the constraint object > CTRL+A > visual transform


I don’t think that will help me, as I wan’t to be able to animate the influence gradually.

you can keyframe both influence and transform location

I gave an answer here, maybe it will help:

I actually found that one before I posted. But as far as I understand, it won’t be possible to gradually animate off the influence if I do it like that?
Also I find that visual keying does nothing. The object still snaps to a different position once I move to the next frame.

Edit: I tried turning of visual keying in preferences and now it works as expected, but in reverse. If I do a normal keyframe it doesn’t snap. If I do a visual keyframe, the object snaps to a different position.

if it’s too complicated, maybe make your camera follow a curve with a Follow Path constraint?