Animate gif in eevee viewport

It’s possible to have animate transparent gif in viewport like this in neobarok

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Is it a question ?
If so, i think yes. If no you can at least import image sequence or even videos.

Yes you can do this in Eevee. I don’t think you can load a Gif directly into Blender so you’ll have to convert it to an image sequence or movie file. Either way, as long at the background is black you can plug it into the Emission and Alpha of a Principled shader. If you want it to glow, I recommend boosting the image with a brightness and contrast node before going into the emission slot. You just need to boost the values going into it.

Then… You’ll need to go into the material panel properties and change Blend Mode to ‘Alpha Clip’ under the Settings rollout. After that go to the render panel and turn on Bloom.

Thank for the reply’s