Animate hand grabbing a ball

Well, the question may sound stupid if you know blender. I know how to do it in Max but have no idea on how to animate a hand grabbing things in blender. when the thing is in let’s say a table, it should not be constrained to anything, but when the hand grabs it it should be constrained to the hand. How can I make it in blender?

You can key the influence of the copy location constraint … set/key their influence to zero when the ball is on the table and then set it to 1.0 (full) when the ball is in the hand …

The influence slider is visible at the bottom of the constraint next to the show (this will show the IPO curve if you have an IPO window open) and key buttons .

you might be interested in this set of armatures in Igor’s ActionBook, especially the Copy Location Constraint example.

Hope it helped
/ Mats

Thanks guys! that’s what I needed, I didn’t know you could animate constraints. can you do the same with the IK constraint so that you can have IK/FK within the same constraint?