Animate "Hide" or Frame Animation

So I basically want to create a timelaspe kinda effect, one thing appears in one frame then disappers the next and another object apears in that frame and so on so think of it like a 3d person model and the outfit changes each frame the previous outfit disappears and the new one reappears. I was first going to render each image then animate in flash, each image on a different frame, but I’d think there is a way to do this in blender.

Two ways you could do this come to mind. You could move the mesh objects from an object layer that will be rendered to one that will not as needed and keyframe the layer movement. The other way would be to keyframe the render of the objects in the outliner. On the right side of the outliner are 3 icons for each object. The eye icon controls visibility in the 3d window, the arrow icon controls selection of the object in the 3d view, and the third one of a camera controls it’s rendering. By clicking on the icons, you can turn them off and on as needed and you can keyframe them by hovering the mouse over them and using the I-key to insert a keyframe.

If it was me, I’d use the 2nd method, last time I tried the first method it seemed less than perfect.

If you need more detailed instructions on either method, just ask…


I like the second so do I basically keyframe the eye icon then move the frame then click eye to hide and keyframe again?

Yes, you are correct, but you have to do the eye & the camera icon both. Eye icon controls visibility in 3d view, camera controls rendering.