Animate/Keyframe ristrict rendering

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if and how you can Keyframe the restrict rendering options on a series (multiple) objects at the same time? I think I don’t have to explain anything more than this. If you have questions, please do ask them. Thanks sooo much in advance for answering.



As Richard pointed out, the easiest way is to put the object on a separate layer that you want to appear and disappear. Go to your render layer tab. Under the exclude layer, key frame the layers you want to show. To make the objects disappear, select the exclude layer on the frame you want and simply key frame it with an I. It won’t render then.

Thnx for the reply guys, the problem is that each object has to appear on a different frame, so yeah, nobody seems to have a solution for this problem, I might just have to extract a number out of the name of an object and in someway program that into a keyframe…