animate lava?

How do you make the lava animate in the game?:spin:

A suggestion would be to check out lava effect in the game Yo Frankie! which was made in blender2.48a.

You can reach animated lava effect by making animated textures. Try to checking out this tutorial. Good luck!

Thanks for the information, but can someone tell me were I can fine Yo Frankie site?

There are several tutorials as well.
You might need GLSL support as well for cool looking lava.
Also search for YoFrankie Game Play on YouTube as well.
PS: You need Blender2.48a [older version of blender] for optimized gameplay within Blender3D.

Thanks Ill try that.:yes:

The hardest part is to either draw or render the animation map. As you can see in the tutorial arturas sent, which was mine :slight_smile: , you can see that I only changed three frames. Here you should have at least 100 frames, and each one needs to be different from the other ones. You could render an animation of lava with blender and then add the frames into one image, which I think is the best method of doing it.

I might do a new animation map tutorial, because this one wasn’t good enough xD
Good luck :smiley:

Nice tutorial arhusebo :smiley: waiting for another one :cool:

Thanks you all. Your information solved my problem.:smiley:

I’ve got a technique to generate quick procedural animation maps! I’ll make a tutorial now, an place it in the resources department!