Animate lighting change?

I am kind of getting the hang of the animating moving objects and things, but… I cant for the life of me figure out how to animate say… a light, that fades from a yellow color to a red color. For example: I have a lamp, that when he gets mad, his light will fade to red. Do I have to possibly manually change the light shade for each frame, then output those frames to be mixed in with the vid later?!!

In 2.5x, navigate to the lamp’s color hover the mouse over the color swatch, hit i to insert a keyframe, repeat where necessary. In 2.49… um… upgrade to 2.5x?

Using 2.5x. THANK YOU! Lol, that was too easy. =( I found you can also press RMB over the color swatch.
Thanks a bunch, how frustrating for something so simple.