Animate Linked Objects (groups) in a base scene

I have set up various library blend files, containing groups that I want to use in other scenes, and animate in real time with BGE.
Linking and adding the groups works perfectly, but I cannot find how to trigger an animation of these linked objects… Defining an IPO animation and calling it with an IPO actuator on the empty standing for the group does not work… I tried to define the IPO animation both on the source library and the final scene but nothing happens, the groups remains desparately still!!
Anyone to help me please??


You could use the Message actuator - in the main scene, send a message to the target object (inside the group instance) and when the object receives the message, make it play the animation.

Sorry i don’t get it…
In the main scene I use a message actuator, but the target object is in another file (the linked file). Do I have to set up the animation in the linked/library file with game engine blocks and a “message” actuator?
I tried this but nothing happens…

no, do this:

message sensor -> controller -> IPO/Action actuator.

If you’re not afraid you can have a look at the LinkLibas it is used by the MouseOrbiter. This provides a way to control the linked objects through the pivot object.

Hi again!
I thought I had already tested this, but I must have done something wrong this afternoon, because I’ve tried it again after a good diner, and it works!! Thanks guys, and see you for the next problem… :wink:
And yes Monster, I’ll try to have a look to your script, as it will for sure provide a much quicker and robust way to control my linked object, if I manage to understand the way it works and to adapt it to my needs!