animate multi textures

hi all :slight_smile:
i use multi textures in GE
i need animation one textures only not all
i have rock textures and over that i have light reflection textures “underwater effact” new i need animate reflection textures only by UV or …
any help
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m working in a undersea interactive and the caustic effect is very nice (sorry can’t show you the work at this time).

Use two caustic textures, use multiply and move at diferent directions using the OBJECT field in the material.

oooh good ^^
mm… OBJECT field ! can you gave me more info or EX for this OBJECT field
thanks ^

help pleeeeeees

I use VU animation script for this but the all textures moved
I think I have to move the image not UV wire .
Any one now if GLSL can move XY textures image ?
Or any way to move textures on XY ?

yes you can do it… but I’ have no clue how! you can get the different texture units and do all kinds of crazy stuff to them… indavidualy or as a group etc…

have a look at this site… kinda cool for GLSL and other stuff

Ooooo I have to learning GLSL
I find solution bat didn’t work in GE “animation coordinate”
GE didn’t run animation coordinate IPO :frowning: :frowning: