Animate multiple "properties" at once

How can I animate multiple, separate, properties at once.

For example, I would like to create a night -> day -> night animation. I’d like to have one object with a sun and a moon that rotates, while another plane has an animated mix shader fac (cycles) material and the light strength changes too. How can I link these animations together in Blender so that I have one slider that I insert keyframes for?

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Well, I can fake the night to day with a progressive blend while changing the scale on X (so clouds roll in and change into night)

next, parent the moon and sun to a object at the center, rotating it rotates both
link the X scale to the rotation somehow :slight_smile:
rotating the parent would do it all, but I am not sure if you can link a scale of a texture to a objects rotation,

a nice ray-traced bubble around your camera would do the index of refraction stuff (ie big moon when low, small when high because of lens effect of the air

to link object animations you can use drivers -or a python script with a frame change event-

but maybe try sun position addon that will animate a sun object + a cycles sky texture

How would you recommend making a texture that takes light easily in cycles?

hummm this is and interesting thing… I think I saw a video on youtube where a guy was linking textures to some Rigging events… don’t know if that would be what your thinking of but…

You could do all of this, by rendering the moon on one scene and alpha map at, and the sun in another, and the clouds to stars as the back layer, have the moon scale up near the horizon, and scale down near the zenith, same with the sun, render it out to a uv texture video, that can be controlled using offset texture,

Isn’t that what Keying Sets are all about…?

I ended up getting it to work with this driver controling the fac of the emission. ‘yrot’ is the y rotation of the world sphere (with moon and sun parented to it).

  • abs((abs(yrot / 3.14) % 2.0) - 1)

Good show :slight_smile: