Animate object/layer visibility in Blender 2.8

Is this possible in Blender 2.8?

I am right clicking the eye icon for both objects and layers and I can’t find a insert keyframe?
Is there a workaround for this if not possible?

We can add keyframes on restriction to viewport and renderability on objects in outliner. But they are not respected or blocking status of boolean.
It is not surprising that is not working. In 2.79, layer visibility is not animatable but group visibility is.
Collections are a merge of both and should allow that. But it also have to work with override system.

Currently, I only have a workaround for Solid Objects. They can handle a material with an animated transparency (that only works in rendered mode).
Or you change their display mode from Textured to Wire or Bounds and disable Overlays display (that only works in Viewport).


Thanks. Material transperency seems to do the trick. :- )

That just seems strange that you cannot use visibility overrides on Collections.
How would one add a driver to object visibility? (not using shader)

It’s a shame collection visibility cannot get keyframed.

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AnimateVisibility.blend (664.5 KB)
I hope this is the right place to post this. I had these layers animated in blender 2.79 and imported them to 2.8. I was holding off because of this sort of thing. But the project stalled for now so I thought I’d try to swap over to 2.8. Can someone tell me what is going on ?
If I scrub along the time line the light objects appear and disappear but I can’t seem to change the time line of their appearance.
I’ve thought of a work around. Being lights I can just turn them to zero light to turn them off.
But I’m curious and I think it may be of benefit to see what blender is actually doing.
By the way. It is a lift light panel.