animate object, make dupliverts and offset anim


I create a simple object, animate its rotation. I parent it to a grid, activate dupliverts and press play. I would like objects to have an offset and not play at the same time.

How can i do this?


You would need to go to each object, select the ObIpo in the IPO window, and click the numbered button next to it. the program will ask if you want to make this object single user, and you say yes. You can then select all the curves in the ObIPO and move them left and right to change the position of the animation with respect to time.

Hope that makes sense, cos I am writing from memory, nothaving Blender here at the moment.

Not sure if this will work, but you may be able to get Blender to make the ObIPO copies for you by changing the settings in the preferences window, so that it copies IPOs when copying the object. There is I think an option to do that, and then you just need to shift the time individually.


I think this is not very practical if you have 100 objects.
What about using particles.

Lets say i have 100 running characters and want to have different offsets for their running cycle.

There are no shortcuts.

You can always write a script. Then your code could generate 1 object or 100 objects.

Have you looked at the asteroid script? It does some of what you want. Creates lots of objects with each object having it’s own rotation and location offset.

do you know what is this for? it looks like what i need but it doesnt work.