Animate object to follow behind parent?

I am animating a logo… There is one part that enters into the camera in 3 parts… Basically I would like the part 1 to come in, then part 2 to come in after part 1 and part 3 to come in after part 2.

I have a feeling I can do this with a parent modifier, but I am not sure how to go about it. I already animated the first part, so how do I get the rest to follow?


I would simply key the final locations for all three parts at the frame that they finalize in, then go back to the start frame and key all three back at the start, forward then grab the two parts and key them back a ways, then forward more and key the third out - after this, your basic animation is there, and then you can scrub the timeline and add/replace keys to get the loactions worked out better, and insert rotations on them to animate their orientation to camera if you want.

There’s also a button I think in the edit tab that is slow par which makes it follow the parent but it’s delayed a bit you can change how much it’s delayed next to the slow par button.

Thanks, I ended up doing the first suggestion… How ever, I’ll look up the slow-par.