animate particle emmision.

Am I missing something or the coders of blender have not thought about making some elements of the particle system “animatable”.Say having an IPO for emission =0 or =1 at different times, number of particles emitted and all that.No doubt there are walk arounds like duplicating the paticle emitter and setting diffeent emit frames but that’ll be cuter.To animate an exhaust pipe going -gas-gas-gas-----gas and so on, or flame shots from a gun: boom-boom—bom.There are so many possibilities.

I know you can now control emmission rate from a texture. Try making a texture that ocellates - oscelates - um… goes from black to white and back, then set that as a control for the emmission.

But sounds interesting but not very clear.I’m a newbe man.Not a guru.So, break the chunks please.

Hi buzzer! New options are listed in the release notes
and sound exciting. Having just mastered old blenders emitters still swimming deep here…

By the way, you become a Guru by posting enormous amounts of posts, not necessarily because you actually know what you’re talking about. Believe me I’m there :wink:

I’ve read through a couple of pages on the new release but kinda missed that one.I’ve got homework! Hope hte difficuluty oof it does not show me the exit to of blender usage. :frowning: