Animate rising and boiling water?

Hey all,

I modeled a chemistry set, in one of the flask I want to have rising and boiling water.
I would like the water to rise from the bottom of the flask and then start to boil. Anyone know how that is possible? Can I simulate it through waves? I tried to find tutorials but no success…

Any help is appreciated =)

I would try doing a fluid sim, and inside the domain, make some rising bubbles, with a non renderable material, and also with a scale ipo. so, as the spheres grow, and move toward the top, they will force the fluid to ‘boil’. combine that with some particles, and hopefully it will be close.

Thanks for the response!

I don’t know blender very well yet. Could you explain it with more detail or are there tutorials?

I’m not sure where the tutorials are, but they are out there. the blender wiki is a good start. so, you will need to know:
materials: making a non renderable material ( pretty easy )
animation: keying object location and scale ( also easy )
fluid sim: how to make a fluid sim ( less easy, but doable with just a little patience )
(edit) oh and basic particle systems, unless you choose the particles option from the fluid sim options. particles are practically an art in and of themselves, so using the option within the fluid sim is reccomended, unless you already have some experience with particles.

I’ll try that! Thank you :slight_smile:

In olden times we might have merely had the animation of the boiling at the top level, another layer with the top foam or water and then used masking in a compositer to make it appear as if the fluid is going up the flask.

I was thinking about this, and there’s another thing that would need to occur. You would need to keyframe the layers of the bubbles ( spheres ), so that as the spheres exit the liquid, they would disappear to another layer. Otherwise the fluid will be dripping off them after they exit the fluid, and what you want is for the fluid to collapse back into the container, once the bubble surfaces.